Foster Curiosity

Being a true Nerd is really about being curious. That and passion for that curiosity.

That’s all that a scientist, engineer or artist really is, curious. A scientist is curious as to how a black hole works. An engineer is curious as to how a machine works. An artist is curious as to how an image will look through a different lens or medium.

Curiosity is the basis of all things Nerd.

When you think about it like that, it’s a little less intimidating and the Clueless Parent shouldn’t stress so much about “how things really work.” Instead, they can focus on fostering that Nerd’s basic curiosity. Ask questions and research answers together. Focus on the “why” instead of the “because.”

We spend so much of our lives beating down curiosity to teach about rules. If you have a Nerd at home, keep the curiosity alive! Let them ask questions — even if you don’t know the answers. You’re only one person. Nobody can know everything.

Keep those Nerds curious and they’ll discover the answers for themselves. 

What’s the best way you have fostered curiosity in your own Nerd?

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