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Raising Nerd’s Best YouTube Channels for Nerding

Turn off Disney and Nickelodeon. They’re rotting your Nerds’ brain!

Instead, click on YouTube and catch something that will help grow that massive Nerd brain. YouTube is no longer just a dumping ground for moronic talking fruit (although who doesn’t like a good cumquat once in a while?).

There is a treasure-trove of brilliant and entertaining content that will teach and inspire your Nerd in all areas of science, technology, art and engineering. Who knew the Internet had all of this stuff!

I know what you’re thinking. These will either be a boring 90-year old professor spouting off old world theories on quantum physics that is way beyond the Clueless Parent’s comprehension or some crackpot 20-something shooting it on their iPhone in their parents basement. But honestly, the quality of these videos are just as good as any network television program — and without the annoying commercials.

Engineer Simone Giertz makes insanity a reality with her insane contraptions.

Engineer Simone Giertz makes insanity a reality with her insane contraptions.

It’s a new generation of engineers, scientists and overall smart people that will help you be a less Clueless parent. Here are some of our favorite YouTube channels for you and your Nerd to better understand the world around you.

  • ASAP Science (@AsapSCIENCE)- A weekly dose of fun and interesting science, ASAP tackles some of our society’s most important issues, like: Can You Trust Your Ears (Audio Illusions); Why are Teens So Moody; and Exercise vs. Diet. The videos are done in a hand-drawn, stop-motion animation and are completely understandable. Also, checkout their awesome book: AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained Phenomena
  • Minute Physics (@_minutephysics)- Want a deeper understanding of the physical world around you? Has your Nerd asked about Quantum Tunneling? Have they approached you to explain the Higgs Boson? Then Minute Physics is for you. These quick tutorials explain some of the more challenging physical phenomenons in our world. I’ll be honest, most of this stuff goes over my head, but the gang at Minute Physics does a great job dumbing it down for this Clueless Dad. Thanks to them, I can now explain if it’s Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?
  • Veritasium (@veritasium)- This channel takes everyday, real-world science ideas and breaks them down to understandable chunks for the Clueless Parent and young Nerd. The Veritasium team delves deeper into the meaning and history of theories and science terms to provide a full background on their subjects. Watch as they introduce you and your Nerd to World’s Roundest Object; the Anti-Gravity Wheel and Moore’s Law.
  • Hard Science (@HardScienceShow)- I laugh every time I watch hosts Anthony Carboni and Tara Long become their own lab rats as they turn the world around them into a giant science experiment. From Weaponizing Bubbles (yes, bubbles) to Electrocuting Your Nerves to Music, these guys put their own bodies to the test. Think JackAss meets Thomas Edison. They post their outtakes just to prove even brilliant people mess up. (Parental Warning – some content is not kid rated).
  • Simone Giertz (@SimoneGiertz) – My new hero in the world of engineering! Hands down one of the funniest, most talented engineers on YouTube these days. Simone brings her humor and crazy ideas to life by simply asking “There must be a better way.” This attitude has led her to create The Wake-Up Machine, The Applause Machine and The Chopping Machine. She also posts her Fails which makes her even cooler. (Parental Warning – some content is not kid rated).

There are so many great YouTube channels for the Clueless Parent and Nerds alike. Send us some of your favorite videos!

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