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Raising Nerd Approved: Top 5 Best Nerding Blogs for Inspiring You and Your Nerd

Top 5 Best Nerding Blogs for Inspiring You and Your Nerd

There are millions of blogs out there (it’s a statistical fact!) hoping to do everything from teaching napkin origami to sharing bizarre stock photos to fulfilling your daily fake science quota. It doesn’t take a parent long to realize that finding Nerd-worthy material on the Internet can be as easy as landing a spacecraft on an asteroid.

We’ve all been there. What starts with a simple search on home science experiments or the Mars Juno Mission, somehow sucks you into an exposé on how your favorite 80’s TV icons have aged over the years (spoiler: not well).

All of us at Raising Nerd have fallen down that rabbit hole a time or two (thousand). But the good news is we’re here to help make your Nerding life easier. It’s our mission to support Nerd parents, like you, as they inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and designers. So, naturally, we consider it critical to the survival of our planet to assist you in your quest for good, solid Nerding content.

Our editors spend countless hours each week scouring an insane number of blogs, YouTube channels, and information-churning social media sites to find fresh content that will not only inform, but also entertain. We accept this laborious task as both an honor and a civic duty to help you, dear readers, avoid hours of wading through senseless Internet bilge that often calls into question the very existence of intelligent life here on earth (don’t get us wrong, we like some of that stuff too).

Thanks to our newly developed Nerdometer Filter (patent pending), you’ll now have more time to focus on fueling your Nerd’s passion for science, engineering, and creativity.  

Without further ado, here, in no particular order, is a manageable handful of our favorite hidden gem Nerd sites. We encourage you to visit them often and feel free to send us your own favorites.

Stay tuned for more and, as always, Nerd on!

  1. Physics Girl

Physics Girl is a resource for fun physics videos and other science materials. Dianna Cowern, a surfing and ukulele-playing astrophysicist, started the blog as a post-college personal project. It has since grown into a resource for teachers, a source of entertainment for physics Nerds, and a way to share her passion for physics while advocating for women in STEM. 

Why so Nerdy? First and foremost, we love Dianna and her quirky style of teaching physics. Her videos are simple and easy to understand but also have a flare of humor and creativity. Be sure to check out her fantastic YouTube channel here.

  1. Today I Found Out

With the tagline, Feed Your Brain, how can we not love this site? Today I Found Out is chock full of professionally curated information that you and your Nerd can explore. From Animal Science and History to Space Exploration and Music, TIFO’s site is well-organized and a blast to explore.

Why so Nerdy? Hands-down, our favorite part of TIFO is its Myth section where they attempt to answer some of the many questions that have haunted us for generations like The Origin of Floating Soap or The Truth about Wyatt Earp. You can check out their YouTube Channel here.

  1. All For the Boys

Created by the talented photographer, Allison Waken, All For the Boys started as a space to celebrate all of the boys in her life. Since 2011, this creative mom to two boys has provided a plethora of “boy” crafts and activities, many of them science-focused. But Allison readily admits that “girls will love them too!”

Why so Nerdy? All For the Boys continues to evolve, bringing in new and exciting content that will grab even the Nerdiest of kids, including activity inspiration, craft ideas, technology reviews, and family travel stories. It serves as a terrific guide for parents that want to keep their Nerds busy with easy-to-implement, hands-on projects.

  1. The Scientific Mom

Amy Oyler takes her passion for parenting and mashes it with a love and knowledge of science to deliver The Scientific Mom. At the Oyler house, Amy and her daughter enjoy the freedom to make messes, get dirty, and have fun as they explore the world to understand how “it all works.”

Why so Nerdy? Amy is developing a hands-on science book, and we can’t wait for it to be published!

  1. Go Science Girls

Created by an Australian family, Go Science Girl is packed with fun, creative, and easy science projects any young Nerd would love. Though GSG was originally designed to inspire girls to pursue their love for curiosity and science, the author heartily welcomes boys to come play around on the site, as well. GSG provides a slew of terrific STEM activities that tap into kids’ creativity while teaching valuable science lessons.

Why so Nerdy? GSG does a great job breaking down its science activities by age and topic. We especially love the “Edible Science” and “Science with Everyday Household Items” sections. The easy-to-understand experiments and well-organized site provides a step-by-step approach to science experiments accessible to Nerds of all ages.

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