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Raising Nerd’s Best of 2016 STEM/STEAM Nerdtacular

It’s been a blur. What a wild, exhilarating, challenging, Nerdy year, huh? However heart-pounding, heartening or heart-breaking 2016 has been, Raising Nerd is thankful for all the Nerd parents who have joined us to help inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and creative problem solvers. In just six months, our staff grew five-fold from just one Clueless Dad toiling in obscurity, to a virtual team of writers, designers, and social marketers working hard together to crank out enough useful content to get friends, family, and colleagues to share so others would notice.

And, boy, did they ever!

As 2016 draws to a close, Raising Nerd has passed 5,000 Instagram followers, approached 1,000 Facebook faithful, and garnered a combined 3,500 Twitter peeps! All that, thanks to some amazing work by our dedicated and talented Raising Nerd staff of five.

In our short time Nerding together, we’ve not only created a sizeable following, but also: a new Bot mascot, a semi-regular newsletter, a revamped website, a few budding blog partnerships, three awesome STEM toy giveaways, and a couple practical posts per week (give or take).

We have so much more planned for next year. More Career Nerd profiles, more giveaways, more website features, more video, more Bot merch! And, most importantly, more original posts to help parents stoke their kids’ passions and keep them engaged in whatever kinds of science, math, and creative making excites them most.

In short, next year, all of us at Raising Nerd have but one resolution: Nerd on!

But before we launch into 2017, we (like everyone else) thought we’d take a moment to review all the cool STEM/STEAM stuff that rocked our Bot these past 12 months. Enjoy our Best Of lists, and Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks again for all your support!

The Ultimate Raising Nerd Guide to 2016

Top 10 Most Popular Raising Nerd Blog Articles:

10. First College Visit
9. Fit STEAM in When School is Out
8. Making Room for a Makerspace
7. Chasing Harry Potter
6. Stargazing With Your Nerd
5. Nerd Lessons in the Great Outdoors
4. Hooked on STEM for Halloween
3. Why Juno Matters
2. Top 5 Nerding Blogs
1. Learn to Code, Save the World

The Ultimate Raising Nerd Guide to 2016

Top 5 Most Popular Nerd Profiles:

5. The Roboteers
4. The Imagineer
3. The NASA Intern
2. The Musical Craftsman
1. The Hacker

The Ultimate Raising Nerd Guide to 2016

Top 20 Most Popular Raising Nerd Facebook Posts:

20. The Swearing Robot
19. Nerd Profile: The Space Explorer (Part I and II)
18. A Nerdy Christmas Gift 
17. Drawing Electrical Circuits
16. How to Raise a Genius
15. Teen Develops “Sit With Us” App
14. Science Behind Bladeless Wind Turbines
13. Inside LEGO Studio: Master Builders
12. Rooftops Into Beehives
11. The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen
10. Iceland Turns Out Lights in Favor of Nature
9. A Nerdy GIF Chuckle
8. Iconic Carrie Fisher Dies
7. Our First Raising Nerd Meme: “Who Will…?”
6. Huntsman Spider
5. Bot Stickers!
4. Raising Nerd Giveaways! 
3. Lifesaving Highway Barrier
2. Raising Nerd Guest Post: Extending Santa’s Magic With STEM
1. Team Tesla’s Foil: The BeeMaster!

The Ultimate Raising Nerd Guide to 2016

Our Favorite Science Stories of 2016:

  1. NASA Juno
  2. Clean Energy Advances
  3. NASA Given Budget Approval for Mars Mission
  4. OSIRIS-Rex
  5. NASA Kepler Telescope Discovers More Than 1,000 Exoplanets
  6. Possible Cure for All Viruses Found?
  7. Women of NASA Finally Get their Due with Margaret Hamilton Awarded Medal of Freedom and Release of Hidden Figures
  8. Gravitational Waves Detected
  9. New Horizons Beams Last of Pluto Flyby Data to Earth
  10. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Turned Could Be Transformed into Rock
  11. Biggest Super Moon
  12. First Physical Evidence Dinosaurs Had Feathers
  13. SpaceX Rocket Makes First Successful Vertical Landing
  14. The Fog Catcher
  15. Solar Powered Plane Makes First Around-the-World Trip
  16. Robotic Exoskeletons and Cybernetic Implants enable freedom of movement for paralyzed individuals
  17. Greenland Shark May Live 400 Years or More
  18. External Data Storage
  19. Google Drone Burrito Delivery
  20. Pokémon GO Influence

The Ultimate Raising Nerd Guide to 2016

Some of Our Favorite 2016 Viral STEM/STEAM Videos from the Web:

  1. Our Story in Six Minutes
  2. Iguana Running From Snakes
  3. Wintergaten Marble Machine
  4. Inside A Rattlesnake Rattle
  5. Lemur Needs Love
  6. What Gets a Sloth Moving?
  7. Running on LEGO Challenge
  8. Ocean Mysteries
  9. What If All the Ice Melted?
  10. People are friends…not food
  11. Two-Year-Old Knows His Dinos
  12. Where Should We Look for Aliens?
  13. Wild and Wondrous Oobleck
  14. Dad Surprises Son With Gigantic Star Wars Playhouse 
  15. Upside Down and Inside Out and The One Moment mind-blowing music videos from OK Go
  16. Making the Perfect Pop-Up Book
  17. Jurassic Parkour
  18. Why Care About Nukes?
  19. Underwater Explosions 
  20. The Lion King’s Puppet Shop

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