Meet the Inventor: Tanush (Age 7)


Tanush Doshi, (Age 7) entered the Chicago Toy & Game (ChiTag) Young Inventor’s Challenge, a fantastic program that provides an opportunity for children ages 6 to 18 to showcase their own original toy & game inventions to toy & game industry professionals, members of media and the general public. Tanush took his love for games and learning and combined it with his favorite television show to create an award-winning invention. Here’s Tanush’s story.

Name: Tanush Doshi (Age 7)

What are some of your hobbies or interests? 

I like a variety of sports like basketball, baseball and soccer. But most of all, I like Ice Hockey and I’m training to be a goalie. I love reading non-fiction books, learning about animals and traveling. In fact, I’ve created a list of all the Wonders of the World and hope to visit each of them. So far I’ve seen Chichen Itza, Colosseum and The Statue of Liberty. My favorite subjects are math, science and sports. But I really love games, building LEGO and playing Scrabble and Mario Run.


DSC_9044What do you hope to be when you grow up?

A hockey goalie.

Invention Title:

Get Wowed By Wild Kratts

Tell us about your invention: 

It is a great game where players learn about animal facts while strengthening their math skills through addition and subtraction problems. Each player answers questions about animals and the first one to 100 points wins.


What makes your invention unique? 

Get Wowed by Wild Kratts is based on my favorite show, Wild Kratts. The show’s hosts, brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, teach so much about animals, their habitat, food habits and their young that I thought a game teaching the same lessons would be fun for kids of all ages. The leaning is limitless!

A very simple game, Get Wowed allows for additional by adding new playing cards with different questions to make the game ever lasting. If you have played the game 20 times with those cards, you can make additional cards to learn more about animal facts. It is also a great way to learn basic math, by doing addition and subtraction.

So my invention is fun at the same time adds an educational value to it.Tanush


What was the inspiration for your invention?

My favorite show Wild Kratts which I have been watching since I was 3 years old. My love for animals, how I like to read more about them and my favorite subject math.


How long did it take to develop?

From the idea to full development, it took about a month.


What steps did you take to create your product?

I brainstormed, made different versions of the game, read more books and flash cards to create my game cards and then made a prototype with the points system.


What are you going to work on next?

My parents have tried to reach the Kratt Brothers to introduce my game but we haven’t received any responses. Meanwhile I want to participate in the YIC again so I am already thinking about ideas for my next invention. Maybe I will create a hockey game next.



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