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Dear stressed out science student: here are the answers to your questions about #sciencelife.

Science.Sam, Reveals Her Secrets to The Science Life to Help Other Future Scientists Achieve Their Dream Job

Science Life

GUEST POST: The Science Life with Science.Sam

If you had asked 6 year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would’ve been “a scientist!” At the time I was perhaps more excited by the bangs and whistles of chemistry and astronomy as opposed to the biology I now study for my PhD, but my love of science started early and has never wavered.

But it has been challenged. A lot!

I was the first in my family to pursue science. While I am so lucky to always have had incredible moral support from family and friends, navigating a career in science was difficult before I found guidance from an insider.

But 21 years later, thanks to a ton of support and mentors I’ve gained along the way, I am currently living my younger self’s dream (though now I think it’s kind of funny that this was my dream… kids are cute). And though I’m still at the beginning of my science career, I’ve picked up quite a few tips so far that are worth sharing for those who are still on the lookout for some guidance.

Using the Instagram Livestream feature, I got to chat with >500 people over the course of 2 hours about science life — I was on video and everyone else was typing out questions in real-time. A mixture of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students tuned in, plus a few professionals looking to transition into science and parents looking to advise their kids.

Science Life

A quick peak of how I share science on Instagram.

Instead of posting the 2 hour video, I decided to summarize the highlights below in what is perhaps the most academic and nerdy listicle you’ll ever read.


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