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Maker Movement

Nerds Descend on San Francisco to Amaze and Entertain

This weekend San Francisco will be treated to an amazing display of innovation, creativity and pure Maker joy. As part of the growing Maker movement, artists, software designers, 3D print experts, painters and engineers of all ages will descend on what can only be described as a celebration of creative awesomeness: The Maker Faire: Bay Area 2017 (May 19-21).

Children and adults alike will be having fun while learning and developing their own mechanical and technical skills. All this, while they are flexing their intellectual muscles.


Maker Movement


I could have written about myriad things, from LEGO to Arduino and the joy of spending quality time with the kids while learning and Making, but I am writing this for a different purpose. I am writing to ask that you join this amazing movement. And even if you can’t attend the show in person, you can be a part of the movement by sharing, tweeting, posting and encouraging others to join in and celebrate.

The Maker movement has been an amazing influence on our family. As a dad of two future Nerds, I’ve been inspired by my own kids’ interest in science, engineering or creative toys and continue to encourage them to experiment by building and inventing their own creations. When we attended the Maker Faire, we had a rare opportunity to discover, touch and tinker with toys, inventions, and gadgets that are less accessible due to cost or complexity.

Maker Movement

Andy and Eva of AndysTechGarage Celebrate the Maker Movement

The show also provided us the chance to meet amazing people that shared our enthusiasm, and wanted to help spread the message of creativity and its importance to future generations. Some of these very Nerds have found ways to monetize their hobbies, while others are simply there because of their passion and drive.


Join the Movement

So, I encourage you to not only join this movement, but also help recruit others by sharing this post with your friends, followers or anyone that is within an earshot. This movement, though seemingly small, has the potential to create a huge impact on future generations of Nerds that want to help make a difference in the world.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and for taking the time to read this.



To learn more, please visit and follow Andystechgarage on YouTube.


To learn more about the Maker Movement and Maker Faire, check out the following resources:




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