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10 Cool Science & Engineering Videos That Will Amaze Your Kids

Okay let’s be real.  We all need a little down time and while it may be tempting to use television as the babysitter, here are some super cool, worthwhile science and engineering videos to watch with your kids and thought starters for how you can explore these concepts at home.


Science Videos for kidsCandy Lab: I want candy!
No spoilers on this video … you’ll have to watch and see. Nerd exploration at home…try this technique with Play-Doh. Make colored rolls and wrapping them together using a thin flat piece.  Continue to roll until the roll is as thin as you like and use something to cut the pieces.  GadgetGirl came up with this on her own and this is what her final dried creations looked like.  For older kids you could even try this technique with sushi making or other food.


Epic Christmas Marble RunScience Videos for kids

These people are seriously my heroes!  I love that they did this to their house.  Super gratifying to watch and yes you have to watch the whole thing!  At home, we weren’t ready for a marble set as WildStyle still forgets not to put things in her mouth so our version of this was to take wrapping paper tubes, tape them together, tie to the stair banister and send different small things down to the bottom like clothes pins, pieces of uncooked pasta or small toy cars and see how fast they would go and if we could get them to land in a small shoe box.


Science Videos for kidsLight Balance on AGT

This one will take some explanation for younger children but it involves coding, design and collaboration between both to create an incredible show.  Also a good way to discuss that choreography is a type of coding.


Science Videos for kidsLego Gummies by King of Random

Bring it home!  We ordered the Lego mold off amazon here but actually never dove in to make the gummies.  Instead we filled the tray with food coloring and water to make Lego ice for an ice party.  If you make the gummies post back and share with us!


Science Videos for kidsJapanese Bottle Train

Bring it home – try filling up different containers of glass with water and see what notes you can make.  If you have a musical instrument at home try and match specific notes from the instrument.  If you make a song, please post and share it back to inspire others!


Science Videos for kids3-2-1 Contact Electricity

Okay this had to make the list for us to share this awesome show with our kids.  Plus do you really know how electricity is  made??

Science Videos for kidsBubbles!

While we didn’t try mixing smoke in with our bubbles, the Bubble Thing does make some seriously amazing bubbles.  It works best on a humid day.  Or go low budget but fun every time and try to blow bubbles out the backside of your hands by cupping them when you wash your hands.  Use dish soap to make it easier.  It’s a great way to experiment with different amounts of soap and water to find what makes the best bubble.


Science Videos for kids

Xylophone in Forest

Yes, this was made for a commercial but the precision of wood cutting and angles and placement is really unbelievable.



Science Videos for kids250,000 dominoes / Rube Goldberg Machine

It would be interesting to see what Clueless Dad and Imperfect Dad come up with for this one. Should I challenge them??


Science Videos for kids5 Crazy Science Stunts You Won’t Learn at School

We don’t recommend doing any of these so for once, just sit back and enjoy!


Science Videos for kids



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