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How To Celebrate International Women & Girls in Science Day

For the last month, we’ve been building up to Feb 11th International Women & Girls in Science Day, we have been connecting with some amazing Women in Science. When girls are able to not only imagine, but literally see others like themselves in a STEM career and are encouraged, we know they are more likely to pursue and stick with STEM subjects in school.  That’s why here at Raising Nerd, we wanted to share stories of REAL women in Science. From failures, to perseverance, to bravery…these women are truly inspirational and are helping pave the way for future girls and women in Science.

Whether it be just mentioning the day to your kids, checking out our coverage of these trailblazing women in science here, or even checking these books and toys, here is the Raising Nerd approved list for ways to celebrate International Women & Girls in Science Day!


Ideas for ways to celebrate Women in Science

  1. Ask your child something they are curious about, for example, Why does it rain? What are the Nothern Lights? and spend some time researching it together.  You don’t have to know the answer!  Science is all about discovering WHY so spend some time together answering WHY!
  2. Read our amazing Women in Science videos or discussing some of their mantras and what they mean to you and your child.
    • “Follow your passion, and don’t always stick with the easiest route” Amanda Jamieson
    • “The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to actively feed your curiosity.” Leah Tinberg
    • “…there are hidden opportunities in every interaction. People will tell you that you cannot do it…you can!”  Jessica Aidlen
    • “The most challenging thing for any student is believing in themselves. I was no different.”  Jeanette Epps
    • “There will be huge advances in medical devices, technology for social change, and software aimed specifically at solving women’s issues. And women will lead these advances!”  Dianna Cowern
    • “Frankly, in science we learn a whole lot more when our experiments don’t go to plan than when everything happens the way we think it does.” Anna Painter
  3. Super Science Books for Curious Minds
  • Ada Twist Scientist – Part of the Rosie Revere Engineer Series.  Did you know that her name comes from Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, hence Ada TWIST?  If you don’t know who these incredible women are, check out book recommendation #5.
  • Ada Twist’s Big Project Book for Stellar Scientists – this is a NEW book from the series that will be available in April…Amazon allows you to pre-order here.
  • 100 Things to know about Science – Fun graphics and short sections on everything from ‘What is Science?’ to ‘Pen-tailed tree shrews…’  complete with glossary in the back.  Pretty much a condensed modern day Encyclopedia Brittanica
  • Under Water, Under Earth by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinska
    Dive below the surface and find out what happens under earth and under sea – from early submarines and deep-sea life to burrowing animals and man-made tunnels.
  • Fantasically Great Women who changed the World – Ada Lovelace to Coco Chanel…Women who trailblazed and are worth talking about. Hopefully this book will need a second edition in our lifetime that includes a US female President.
  • Women in Science – Marie Curie to Particia Bath…the pioneers we all should know.
  • This is a great book for the littlest of the littles …. Growing Vegetable Soup. With illustrations of different vegetables and the seeds, this book explains how the veggies grow and even includes a recipe for vegetable soup in the back. Also available in bilingual Spanish English..muy bien!
  • For older kids, this is a great one to let them read on their own and choose something to do … 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth


Science Kits To Celebrate Women in Science

  1. For the littlest of the littles … Learning Resources Primary Science Color Mixing Set – Complete with a beaker set that little hands can easily hold, this is a super fun introduction to experimenting while teaching your child about color mixing.  Take the beakers into the tub later for bathtime fun!
  2. Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only – Make a crystal filled “magic” wand and many other cool potions
  3. Smart Lab That’s Gross Science Lab – Use a toilet (no that is not a typo) a TOY toilet to mix up potions, create gummy bugs and read about the science of it all in the guide
  4. Lakeshore Learning Beginner’s Science Lab – Perfect for more than just the beginner, this kid includes paper mache to make an ‘erupting’ volcano and colored tabs.
  5. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden – this is one that you’ll need to wait until Summer to do unless you live in a hot climate. You can order live catepillars and watch them transform into butterflies.  It’s pretty amazing but make sure you’re committed to doing it as these are live animals and making sure our kids learn to respect life is part of the process.


Check in with us at Raising Nerd Facebook and let us know how you plan to recognize the day or comment below with additional ideas!


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