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Jamming on Guitar Design with Bill Paukert In Our Men In Arts Series

“…Geometry is a cricital thing.  I use it every single day in everything I do with guitars.  It kind of forces me to think back to when I was in school and actually use all the formulas that we were learning.”


Bill Paukert

Meet this super cool NERD who started his design career in toy design and found his way back to his passion of music.  Bill Paukert, of Unified Guitar Works, wasn’t the kid who knew what he wanted to be and didn’t even know about design as a child.  It was through his studies at art college that he discovered design.

“I always loved music also and after deciding to go to art school and to study design I realized that music was something that was never going to leave me.  I was always going to be interested in it.  It was always going to be a passion of mine.”

Check out our amazing inside the studio with Bill and see how he uses math, design, passion and patience in designing guitars.

Many thanks to the amazing team at Massimoto Media for generously donating your time and creative talents to making this video for Raising Nerd.

Rock On!  Nerd out!



Bill Paukert


Enjoy our focus on Men in the Arts as we share the diverse stories and perspectives of some incredibly talented artists, designers, photographers/videographers, and musicians whose creative careers all have been influenced in some way(s) by the STEM disciplines. We hope you and your Nerds will find inspiration and encouragement through the eyes of these artists.

This is our Nerd series on Men in the Arts!


Bill Paukert

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