About Raising Nerd

“What are gravitational waves?”

“How can do I write an APP for my phone?”

“Can I take apart the DVD player and see how it works?”

If these questions, and others like them, are common in your home, then you need Raising Nerd. This site is dedicated to the “Clueless Parent” of the future Nerd*.

Nerds, once considered the outcast of the popular mass and regulated to manage film projector delivery in high school, are now so much more important. Nerds are the future scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and world leaders. Sure, they can get sucked into the occasional 3-hour Minecraft session, but who do you think created Minecraft? A Nerd. And that Nerd sold Minecraft for $3 Billion to MicroSoft (which was invented by the Nerd of all Nerds and is currently the richest man in the world).

But becoming a Nerd, someone who’s passion for making, building and creating things defines their very existence in itself is a challenge. Especially if that future Nerd’s clueless parents haven’t the foggiest idea how to build an Arduino circuit board. how to guide them on their journey to Nerdom. This was my own Nerds’ challenge.

But have no fear, you are not alone. Or helpless. We live in one of the greatest eras in history. From STEAM learning to online tutorials to clueless blogs like this one, anyone can program a computer, build a robot, or invent the next BIG thing. And you don’t need a lot of money, books or even a PHD parent to make it happen. All you need is one simple thing: Curiosity.

Tap into that basic curiosity and your junior Nerd is on their way.

So, whether its computers, robots, science, art or whatever, this Clueless Dad is here to help.  Send your ideas, questions and challenges or whatever, and we’ll have you going from Clueless Parent to Nerd champion in no time.


* You are such a Nerd that you even took the time to look up my references. You may be asking yourself why is Nerd always capitalized. Why? Because Nerds are awesome and they should always be formally introduced. Silly question.