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How to Shop Confidently for Educational and STEM Toys


We know many of you are already thinking about holiday shopping … or at least are looking for some fun STEM toys for your Nerds in these last weeks of summer vacation. So, as you scan the many STEM toy offerings out there, take our Imperfect Dad’s advice in his first article for, and look beyond the popular STEM toys’ label before you buy!

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Beware of STEM-Washing

As I walked the three-story labyrinth of more than 1,100 exhibitors at the Toy Industry Association’s 2017 Toy Fair in New York City, I got the feeling that every … READ MORE

Science & Tech

Spotting the ISS: Just Look to the Sky for Inspiration

International space Station

How A Thunderstorm and The International Space Station
Turned A Swim Meet Upside Down

Most people think that you need a high-powered telescope to spot the International Space Station, but believe it or not, it’s much easier than you think.

It was pushing 9pm, the final swim meet of the season was only half over, and we’d already been at the pool for more than 4 hours due, in part, to a half-hour “thunder delay” and deluge that hit during warm-ups. My girls were tired, hungry, but still eagerly anticipating the second of their two races each on the night.… READ MORE

Science & Tech

Superhero Science: What Every Nerd Needs To Know to be a hero

A Comic-Con Special: Unmasking the The Secrets of Comic Book Physics

Superhero Science

From Spiderman’s web-slinging to The Flash’s super intense metabolism, Superhero Science continues to inspire Nerds.

When you think of Comic-Con, you might think of characters from the Marvel or DC Comics universe and the many summer blockbuster action movies they’ve spawned. Or you might think sci-fi, which has its own comics following and is no slouch when it comes to blockbusters – cough…Star Wars…cough.

Then again, if you’re like University of Minnesota physics Professor James Kakalios, author of The Physics of Superheroes, you just … READ MORE

Engineering Nerds In Real Life

Meet Matthew Reinhart and His Amazing Paper Art

Taking Story-Telling and Origami to a Whole New Level



“I think everyone is born an artist – we just forget it or lose confidence as we get older because we think we aren’t good enough. Kids don’t have those art hang-ups. I envy them!”

– Matthew Reinhart


Even before they get to preschool or elementary art class, our kids have explored and expressed their creativity through paper. They’ve feverishly scribbled with crayons into coloring books (and, sometimes, onto walls, furniture, and family pets), made collages with construction paper, and dipped curious fingers into paints to turn blank sheets … READ MORE


How This Psychotherapist Went From A Steady Practice to Invent A Toy to Breakdown the Gender Barrier … For Boys

Meet the Inventor: Laurel Wider of Wonder Crew

How This Psychotherapist Gave Up her Steady Practice to Invent A Toy to Breakdown the Gender Barrier ... For Boys

“As a mother to a son and as a psychotherapist, I felt it was time to move beyond gender stereotypes and address the developmental needs of the whole child.”


We continue our celebration of National Inventors Month at Raising Nerd with a profile of Laurel Wider: mom, psychotherapist, and superhero inventor! I met this mild-mannered, toy innovator and founder of Wonder Crew at Toy Fair back in February.

After seeing so many other Toy Fair displays of action figures, battlebots, Minions, drones, and other toys appealing to the rowdier, aggressive side … READ MORE

Nerds In Real Life Science & Tech

How to Explore Your World and Save the Planet with Social Entrepreneur Philippe Cousteau (Part 2)

How to Explore Your World and Save the Planet with Social Entrepreneur Philippe Cousteau

Grandson of Filmmaking Legend Jacques Cousteau Explains How Empowering Young Science Activists is Good for Business and Critical for Survival


Last week, in Part I of his Nerd Profile, Philippe Cousteau told us about his background and early influences, and we learned how they inspired his:

  • Passion for environmental conservation and other causes that impact women, children, and families around the world
  • The founding of EarthEcho International; and
  • His diverse work in broadcasting, filmmaking, and online media.

Here in Part II, you’ll learn more about how this explorer, media personality, and respected environmental advocate approaches new challenges, advises … READ MORE