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Get Your Kids Hooked on STEM this Halloween with Magical Movie FX

Get Your Kids Hooked on STEM this Halloween with Magical Movie FXRocketteGirl giggled as she watched the gigantic blue and yellow egg hatch. The glowing blue larva emerged, coaxed by two miniature, telepathic fairies in distress and surrounded by the hundreds of worshipping natives on Infant Island.

My almost-9-year-old’s eyes widened.

The kaiju sci-fi classic Mothra flickering on the big screen was about to get interesting.

Is this real?” she asked, giggling some more.

Moments later, like a bloated torpedo, the animatronic caterpillar was speeding its way across the South Pacific towards mainland Japan to save the captured fairies. I was in hysterics, and it was nice to see that READ MORE

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Raising Nerd Profile: The Musical Craftsman

Raising Nerd Profile: The Musical CraftsmanLarry Hinkle, founder of Hinkle Ukulele, is a musician, woodworking craftsman, and entrepreneur. And, as unconventional as it sounds, he is very much a creative Nerd. How else could you describe a former punk-rocker who now designs, builds and jams on ukuleles?

Son of a writer and a film producer (neither of which had any knack or desire for woodworking but encouraged his creativity), Larry has always been an artful tinkerer. As a kid he made comic books, played with LEGO, and indulged in science fiction novels. He’s also always followed his passion for creating music.

Of course, curiosity, READ MORE


Get the Hell out of the Way!

When asked what advice he would give parents wanting to raise young scientists, famed astrophysicist and confirmed Nerd God Neil DeGrasse Tyson simply replied:

“Get the hell out of their way!’

Tyson, never one to mince words, has been on a mission to elevate the importance of his and every other field of science while also inviting anyone who shares a similar passion into the fold. He’s worked tirelessly to educate and inspire kids on the wonders of the world and universe around us. Through books, TV shows, podcasts, articles and interviews, he has preached the importance READ MORE


Chasing Harry Potter or How To Spur Kids’ Creativity with “What if…”

It was a scene straight out of the books: kids and adults donning cloaks, wielding magic wands, and walking around aimlessly, late-night in a bookstore. Fans have waited years for this moment. This was the day Harry Potter would come to save them yet again from “he who shall not be named.”

This was the scene throughout the wizarding world Saturday night as J.K. Rowling launched her latest, and allegedly final, Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Say what you will about Rowling’s books, there is no denying that Harry Potter is one of the … READ MORE

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Nerding: A Beginner’s Guide

In just a few short weeks, there’s been a great response to the launch of Raising Nerd, with lots of “interesting” feedback. One consistent response to our articles has been, “Yeah, that’s great, Clueless Dad, but your kid is already a Nerd (proud dad moment). How do we get our kids started on the path to Nerding?”

Have no fear, we have you covered!

It’s true; NerdBoy has always been a huge fan of science and engineering. His curiosity continues to drive him deeper into the exploration of the abyss of our universe, robotics, and beyond. The good news is … READ MORE


My New Obsession(s) … c/o My Active Nerds

I never played soccer.  As a kid, when I wasn’t nosing around in favorite books like The Great Brain or The Phantom Tollbooth, or tinkering with my Lego Alpha-1 Rocket Base and crater plates, I was kicking up dust on the hill of a baseball diamond. For a while I played football (aka “the American kind”), while pummeling my forearms black and blue. But never soccer.Then I became a dad. 

Not just any kind of dad. I became the Imperfect Dad of two girls – two wonderfully creative, nerdy and active girls. As a work-from-home daddy, I’ve been lucky … READ MORE