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Instructions Need Not Apply

My 10-year-old daughter, GirlTastic, has always been creative and continually seeks out new sources of inspiration. She spends hours watching videos on how to craft, paint and bake. She loves baking.

Having a sweet tooth of my own, I love her baking (most of the time).


But GirlTastic isn’t the type to scour a recipe for every little detail. That’s more like this Clueless Dad’s style. Instead, she heads into the pantry and refrigerator to pull out whatever she can find. Then she just wings it.

At first, I was horrified by … READ MORE

Creativity Nerding

Take Small Bites: Dealing with Nerd Stress




That was the scene at Nerd Central just the other night.

I hope I don’t sound like everything in our household is hunky dory and that my Nerds are perfect little angels. Though we have a very happy home, we have our moments of dysfunction just like everyone else.

The other night, it was GirlTastic’s turn to break down and it was nearly legendary. Kicking. Screaming. Shouting. She refused to do her homework and she felt that life was unfair because of the workload. Of course being the Clueless Dad that I am, I don’t think I … READ MORE


Foster Curiosity

Being a true Nerd is really about being curious. That and passion for that curiosity.

That’s all that a scientist, engineer or artist really is, curious. A scientist is curious as to how a black hole works. An engineer is curious as to how a machine works. An artist is curious as to how an image will look through a different lens or medium.

Curiosity is the basis of all things Nerd.

When you think about it like that, it’s a little less intimidating and the Clueless Parent shouldn’t stress so much about “how things really work.” Instead, they can … READ MORE

Creativity Nerds In Real Life

Confessions of a Clueless Dad

My son is a Nerd. Full on science, technology and engineering Nerd. And I couldn’t be prouder.

But I am a Clueless Dad. A liberal arts majoring, marketing and communications professional that hasn’t the foggiest idea of how a rocket ship takes off. (I still believe that it has something to do with a NASA engineer lighting a fuse at the bottom of a rocket like in the Marvin the Martian cartoons). And though I love my son’s enthusiasm and passion for all things Nerdy, I can honestly say that I rarely understand what the heck he’s talking about most … READ MORE