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Raising Nerd Profile: The Computer Programmer

Raising Nerd Profile: Aaron Hillegass

Aaron Hillegass, Founder of Big Nerd Ranch

While lots of people may qualify and proudly identify as a Nerd, there are only a few who can claim it as an actual job description. Aaron Hillegass is one of those amazing Nerds, and he’s got a propellered, 10-gallon hat to prove it.

Aaron is the founder of and chief Nerd at Big Nerd Ranch, which, according to its website, has its “Intergalactic Headquarters” based in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to building a successful app development and corporate training company, Aaron has authored several books on programming and software development.


Nerds In Real Life Science & Tech

Meet the Seshan Brothers, The Middle Schoolers Who Are Inspiring the Next Generation of Roboteers

The Seshan Brothers are middle-school entrepreneurs, coding gurus, world-class tinkerers, LEGO Robotics champions, peer teachers, and pretty much everything Raising Nerd is all about. Together, Sanjay, 13, and Arvind, 11, are an unstoppable team of superNerds from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who founded in 2014 to help other kids learn robotics and become creative, successful coders and engineers.

Raising Nerd Profile: The Roboteers - Seshan Brothers


We are huge fans of The Seshan Brothers’ two-pronged credo of “Let’s Learn Together” and “Learn by Doing.” Our Nerd Profiles usually provide an adult’s perspective as a way to inspire kids to pursue STEM careers and what could become their life’s READ MORE

Engineering Nerds In Real Life

Raising Nerd Profile: The Engineering Professor

Hey, Nerd builders, it’s International Engineering Day! In honor of this Nerd-inspired “holiday,” we’re throwing our ultra-high-lumen, career spotlight on engineering professor Dr. Ethan Danahy.

Raising Nerd Profile: Engineering ProfessorDr. Danahy is a Research Assistant Professor at Tufts University’s Center for Engineering Education and Outreach (CEEO), a group that’s been around for 20 years exploring methodologies and tools for improving engineering education, as well as exploring ways in which they can enhance education through the early introduction of engineering topics to K-12 students. He has a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science within Tufts’ School of Engineering.

Dr. Danahy holds graduate READ MORE

Nerds In Real Life

Raising Nerd Profile: The Disney Imagineer

No matter what part of the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) curriculum strikes

How to Become a Disney Imagineer

Disney Imagineer Matt Conover and his kids exploring Epcot!

their fancy, being a Nerd is all about passion. And there are few people in the real world more passionate about what they do than the talented Disney Imagineers at The Walt Disney Company.

I’ve known Matt Conover for nearly my entire life and I’ve always been amazed by the sheer joy he projects when he’s working. From high school through college, to the present day as he continues to produce some of the biggest live entertainment READ MORE

Nerds In Real Life

Awesome Nerd: Kiara Nirghin

When I was 16, the closest I came to helping solve a global crisis was providing my buddies with a reliable transportation solution because:

  1. I was the first to get his driver’s license, and
  2. My grandmother had two cars (I got the Chevy Citation).

Photo credit: Photo credit:

At 16, Johannesburg student and Awesome Nerd Kiara Nirghin set her sights on a much, much bigger problem: how to cost-effectively sustain crops in drought-stricken areas of South Africa.

Kiara formulated a new kind of super absorbent polymer (SAP) that uses orange peel and avocado skins to store water hundreds of times … READ MORE

Nerds In Real Life Science & Tech

Nerd Profile: The Space Explorer (Part II)

On Monday, in Part I of our interview with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Engineer David Kusnierkiewicz, he shared his early influences, how he got started in the business of space exploration, and his work on the NASA Juno mission to Jupiter. Today, David gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the planning for NASA’s historic journey to the outer solar system and Pluto flyby and other upcoming missions. We conclude with David offering young Nerds some ideas about how they might prepare to reach for the stars themselves one day:

RN: When did you begin planning for the NASA New READ MORE