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Meet the Saturn V Rocket – NASA’s Big Rocket

In 1961, President Kennedy pushed for America to go to the Moon by the end of the decade. To do so, NASA was going to need a big rocket: The Saturn V.

Now NASA wants to go to Mars and once again, it’s going big. Real big!

Learn what it took to get to the Moon and how NASA is doing it again as they prepare for Mars.

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How to Extend the Magic of Santa by Appealing to the STEM/STEAM Side of Kids’ Curious Minds

How to Extend the Magic of Santa by Appealing to the STEM/STEAM Side of Kids’ Curious Minds

Are your kids at that age when their curiosity has them pondering the truth about Santa Claus? Raising Nerd’s Imperfect Dad is in this situation and was wondering how much longer he could stave off a potentially harsh reality for his inquisitive 7- and 9-year-old Nerdlings. In our first-ever guest post courtesy of We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So  blog, he decides to continue nurturing their imaginations and holiday spirit with – you guess it – a heavy dose of STEM/STEAM and Rifftrax Live! He hopes to extend the magic of Santa and that wily Elf on … READ MORE

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Top 5 Movie Examples of Female Scientists Who Will Inspire Your Nerds to Greatness

By Shannon Brescher Shea

From dinosaur bones to aliens, some of the best Nerd inspiration comes from the movies. Unfortunately, female scientists and mathematicians notoriously have been under-represented on the big screen. But with an all-female Nerd team leading the Ghostbusters reboot and the story of forgotten NASA heroines finally being told in Hidden Figures starting December 25, it seems like things just might be changing for the better in Hollywood.

Top 5 Movie Examples of Female Scientists Who Will Inspire Your Nerds to Greatness

While examples of smart, strong female scientist roles might be few and far between for now, girl Nerds of all ages can still look to these … READ MORE

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Carving out a Makerspace for Your Nerds at Home

Today, the cool word is ‘maker.’ It’s a little part of our DNA and we’ve somehow forgotten how to do it. We became consumers vs. makers. I would encourage parents to give their kids a creative corner or a designated space to be messy and create.”
David Yakos, Co-Owner, Director of Creativity, Mad Scientist, Inventor at Salient Technologies

Discovery Elementary’s first annual PumpkinFest was a hit. Besides bringing our local community together for colorful Halloween fun, games and good food, it highlighted something my Nerds’ school does very well. It not only encourages creative problem-solving, but also READ MORE

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Join the Maker Movement This Weekend at Barnes & Noble

For the second year, Barnes & Noble is teaming up with Maker Faire to bring the maker movement to you. The Mini Maker Faire brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, engineers, science club members, students, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and Makers of all kinds to learn from each other, get craft ideas and science fair project ideas, hear the experts, and work on projects.

Find out more here: Barnes & Noble Maker Faire Home. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #NerdMakers in your Instagram postings so we can see your amazing creations!

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Nerds In Real Life Science & Tech

Raising Nerd Profile: The Computer Programmer

Raising Nerd Profile: Aaron Hillegass

Aaron Hillegass, Founder of Big Nerd Ranch

While lots of people may qualify and proudly identify as a Nerd, there are only a few who can claim it as an actual job description. Aaron Hillegass is one of those amazing Nerds, and he’s got a propellered, 10-gallon hat to prove it.

Aaron is the founder of and chief Nerd at Big Nerd Ranch, which, according to its website, has its “Intergalactic Headquarters” based in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to building a successful app development and corporate training company, Aaron has authored several books on programming and software development.