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The Best STEAM Kits to Spark Creativity and Learning

Unleash Your Inner Inventor as We Break-Down the best STEAM Kits for Your Nerd

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In the realm of childhood education, hands-on learning STEAM kits serve as a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical application, bringing abstract concepts to life. At Raising Nerd, we understand the profound impact that the right educational tools like STEAM Kits can have on a child’s learning journey. Engineering kits, in particular, are a gateway to a world where science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) converge in creative and engaging ways.

When selecting an engineering kit, several factors come into play to ensure it meets the needs of young (and sometimes even adult) learners. Good STEAM kits should align with the child’s age and skill level, offering just the right challenge to push their boundaries without causing frustration. For younger children, kits should focus on simplicity and tactile experiences that encourage exploration and build foundational skills. As children grow, more complex kits can introduce advanced concepts, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Parents and educators should look for kits that:

  • Encourage Critical Thinking: A well-designed kit challenges a child to think critically and adaptively.
  • Promote Problem Solving: It should present problems in a manner that is engaging and accessible, yet challenging enough to push the child’s cognitive abilities.
  • Fit Age and Skill Level: The kit must be appropriate for the child’s developmental stage and existing skills to provide a scaffolded learning experience.
  • Offer Hands-On Learning: Physical interaction with the materials provided helps cement understanding and retention of the concepts taught.

The general pros of using educational kits include:

  • Enhanced Engagement: Kits turn learning into a fun, interactive game, increasing a child’s interest and engagement with complex subjects.
  • Practical Skill Development: They offer practical experience in following instructions, assembling components, and understanding how things work, which are invaluable skills in any educational pursuit.
  • Instant Gratification and Reward: Completing a project provides immediate satisfaction and can boost a child’s confidence and desire to learn.

However, there are cons as well:

  • Cost: High-quality educational kits can be expensive, which may limit accessibility for some families.
  • Varying Quality: Not all kits are created equal; some may offer little educational value or have poor instructions and materials.
  • One-Time Use: Many kits are designed for single-use, which might not offer long-term value.

Raising Nerd’s Top STEAM Kits for Nerding

STEAM Kit, Engineering, KiwiCrate, Electronics Kit, STEAM Learning, STEM Learning
KiwiCo – Subscription Boxes


Age Bracket: 5-11, 11-15
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: High
Cost: $25 & Up
Pros: Encourages creativity with a variety of themes. Subscription-based for ongoing learning.
Cons: Some projects may be too simple for older kids in the age bracket.
Nerd Factor: We love how KiwiCo kits make complex scientific concepts accessible and fun, ensuring that every box is a new adventure into the world of STEM.

STEAM Kit, Engineering, Crunch Lab Crate, Electronics Kit, STEAM Learning, STEM Learning, Mark Rober
Crunch Labs by Mark Rober

Crunchlabs by Mark Rober

Age Bracket: 16-adult
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: Very High
Cost: $30/month
Pros: Real-world applications, robust projects.
Cons: May be challenging for beginners.
Nerd Factor: Crunchlabs gets our nerd approval for its high-tech projects that bring real engineering challenges into your living room—perfect for the practical tinkerer.

STEAM Kit, Engineering, MEL Chemistry Kit, Electronics Kit, STEAM Learning, STEM Learning

Mel Science

Age Bracket: 11-15
Skill Level: Intermediate STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: $45/Month
Cost: Moderate
Pros: Hands-on learning with a scientific approach. VR options enhance experience.
Cons: Requires careful supervision due to chemicals.
Nerd Factor: The ‘wow’ factor of Mel Science is in its detailed, visually stunning experiments that are complemented by VR technology, making it a futuristic way to learn.

STEAM Kit, Engineering, Creation Crate, Electronics Kit, STEAM Learning, STEM Learning

Creation Crate

Age Bracket: 11-15, 16-adult
Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: High
Cost: Moderate to High ($39 & Up)
Pros: Progressive learning, builds advanced skills over time.
Cons: Higher cost, some kits require additional purchases.
Nerd Factor: What’s not to love about building real, working electronics from scratch? Creation Crate is a nerd haven for those who dream of becoming future engineers.

STEAM Kit, Engineering, mBOT, Robotics Kit, STEM Learning


Age Bracket: 5-11
Skill Level: Beginner STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: High ($59 & Up)
Cost: Affordable to Moderate
Pros: Great introduction to robotics, user-friendly.
Cons: Limited advanced options, more suitable for younger kids.
Nerd Factor: MakeBlock kits excel in introducing robotics to young minds, making it easy and exciting to take the first steps into coding and mechanical design.

STEAM Kit, Engineering,, Electronics Kit, STEM Learning

Age Bracket: 16-adult
Skill Level: Advanced STEAM Kit
Fun Factor: High
Cost: High ($97)
Pros: Focuses on electronic inventions, detailed tutorials.
Cons: Pricey, assumes some prior knowledge.
Nerd Factor: For those who geek out over customizing and creating unique gadgets, is the ultimate kit for exploring the depths of electronic engineering.

Comparison and Recommendations

Choosing the right kit depends on the age, interest, and skill level of the user. For younger kids, KiwiCo and MakeBlock provide great introductions to the principles of engineering. Teens and adults might enjoy the more complex challenges offered by Crunchlabs and, perfect for honing their problem-solving and technical skills.


Embarking on a DIY engineering project is not just about the fun; it’s about fostering a deep love for learning and discovery. With the right STEAM Kit, you can unlock a world of possibilities. So, why not pick one that suits your or your child’s curiosity and watch as those “Oops!” moments turn into “Aha!” triumphs?

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