Raising Nerd’s Tribute to Men In The Arts

Men in the Arts


From STEM to STEAM…A focus on the Arts


Welcome to our tribute to Men in the Arts!  At Raising Nerd, we believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are not just the coolest, but they are essential. But some might ask, “What about the Nerds who struggle with math? Or those who see curved lines when others only see straight ones? Or those who see Trigonometry not as graphs at all, but as art?

Yes – ART!

Art encompasses all those things we love about STEM. It can be an application of those subjects, like the cake that can only be fully-baked when made with science, technology, engineering, and math ingredients.

Or art can be something different all together.

By changing STEM to STEAM, we don’t leave anyone behind.

Art is important for everyone. In fact, many medical schools now require students to take art classes to further develop observational skills, the ability to relate and communicate with others, and learn how to create moments to  “stop and think.


Men in the Arts

First-year medical students discussing Dallas Chaos II (1982) by Peter Dean, Blanton Museum of Art. Photo by Siobhan McCusker.

So, please enjoy our focus on Men in the Arts as we share the diverse stories and perspectives of some incredibly talented artists, designers, photographers/videographers, and musicians whose creative careers all have been influenced in some way(s) by the STEM disciplines. We hope you and your Nerds will find inspiration and encouragement through the eyes of these artists.

This is our Nerd series on Men in the Arts!


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