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Forget Coding: MIT Study Reveals the Real Brain Booster for Kids!”

Turn Up the Volume on Smarts: Why Music Education Might Be the Best Brain Hack for Kids (and Adults!)

Music Education, STEAM Learning, Nerd, Nerding, Learning an Instrument
Photo by Michael Dobrinski on Unsplash

In the labyrinth of modern education, where coding and high-tech skills often take center stage, a groundbreaking twist from MIT researchers may just redefine your educational playlist. Music education isn’t merely an artistic diversion but could be the secret catalyst your child needs for a substantial cognitive leap. Yes, it’s time to turn down the digital noise of beeps and boops of coding, and embrace the harmonious world of music. Striking a chord with classical instruments or humming through musical scales could unlock a spectrum of developmental benefits.

Welcome to a new era of music education, where every note and rhythm is a stepping stone to enhanced brain power. This isn’t just music education; it’s Music Education for Nerds, designed to resonate with the next generation of Einsteins and Beethovens!

Unleashing Brain Symphony from Preschool to Prom: How Music Education Acts as Super Food for the Brain

Tiny Tots Jamming Out: Imagine preschoolers translating their squiggles into quarter notes. It’s not just adorable; it’s a smart start to a lifelong educational journey. The brain-boosting effects of music education light up young neurons like a vibrant rock concert, enhancing everything from emotional finesse to language flair. Studies from institutions like MIT have demonstrated that musical connections act as superhighways for developing young minds, making music education a pivotal part of early childhood development.

Elementary Maestros: As children navigate through their elementary years, each musical note played acts like a brain gym workout, bolstering intellectual development in areas like math and literacy. Engaging with music education resources like “My First Music Theory Book” helps transform students into mini Mozarts, equipped with enhanced problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of complex concepts.

Middle School Rockstars and High School Virtuosos: During the transformative years of middle and high school, music education becomes a central pillar supporting teenage brain development. It elevates self-esteem, enriches emotional well-being, and empowers students to master complex pieces and rhythms. Music education encourages students to ‘feel the groove’ and own their stage, fostering confidence throughout adolescence.

Adult Encore: It’s never too late to embrace music education. Adults diving into the world of music discover significant cognitive benefits, with brain scans revealing enhanced connectivity and mental acuity. Music education offers a rejuvenating mental workout, keeping cognitive functions sharp and responsive at any age.

Choose Your Instrument: Every One’s a Brain Booster

When learning music, let your Nerd’s curiosity lead the way. Any instrument will do for now.

  • Keyboards: Think of the “Casio SA-76” as a mini gym for finger fitness and musical multitasking, ideal for sparking a lifelong love affair with melodies.
  • Violins and Flutes: These aren’t just instruments; they’re high-precision tools for sculpting discipline and boosting brainpower through breath and movement control.
  • Drums: Pounding on those drums isn’t just a way to annoy the neighbors—it’s perfect for syncing left and right brain in a rhythmic dance of coordination and creativity.

How to Kickstart Your Musical Education Quest

So you’re all in. But where do you start? Here’s a few tips on how your Nerd can begin their quest in learning music.

  1. Private Lessons: Go one-on-one to tailor the musical journey to your child’s unique tempo.
  2. School Bands and Orchestras: Combine social fun with learning, making music a team sport.
  3. Online Maestros: Platforms like bring music theory to your fingertips, while YouTube gurus offer virtual lessons anytime, anywhere.
  4. YouTube Virtuosos: Subscribe to channels like Drumeo or HDpiano to turn screen time into tune time.

Pick An Instrument … Any Instrument

Here are some popular YouTube channels that are great for beginners learning music and various musical instruments:

  1. Drums – Drumeo: Drumeo offers comprehensive drum lessons for beginners and advanced players alike. Their channel includes easy-to-follow tutorials, which cover basic techniques and rhythms to help new drummers get started.
  2. Guitar – Marty Music: Marty Schwartz runs Marty Music, where he provides guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players. His friendly and straightforward teaching style makes learning guitar accessible and fun.
  3. Piano – HDpiano: HDpiano is a popular channel for learning piano. They specialize in teaching pop songs using a visually intuitive method where notes are displayed on a digital keyboard. Simple and fun!
  4. Violin – Violin Lab Channel: This channel offers detailed tutorials for beginner violinists, focusing on fundamentals and proper playing techniques. It’s a great resource for anyone starting out with the violin.
  5. Accordion – Liberty Bellows: Liberty Bellows provides lessons that focus on the unique aspects of playing the accordion. Includes bass side techniques and bellows control, catering to beginners and intermediate players.
  6. Ukulele – The Ukulele Teacher: This channel is perfect for beginners and includes easy-to-follow ukulele tutorials, often featuring popular songs. The lessons are fun and engaging, making it easy to pick up the instrument.
Music Education, STEAM Learning, Nerd, Nerding, Learning an Instrument
Photo by Tomas Tuma on Unsplash

Disclaimer: Coding Still Rocks!

While we’re tuning into the benefits of music, let’s not mute the value of coding! We at Raising Nerd fully endorse coding as a fantastic way for kids to learn problem-solving skills and ignite creativity. Imagine the incredible potential of a mind trained in both music and coding—it’s like having both a symphony and a silicon chip harmonizing to solve the puzzles of tomorrow.

Crank Up the Music Education, Boost the Brain

Who knew that jamming on a keyboard could turbocharge your kid’s brain better than any coding class? Inspired by giants like Mozart—and backed by cutting-edge MIT research—music education is not just about hitting notes. It’s about hitting higher cognitive skills, emotional depth, and maybe even genius-level creativity.

So, let’s amp up those home concerts, encourage musical messiness, and watch as our kids—and perhaps ourselves—transform into brainier, more creative versions. Rock on, Nerd Herd!

Join the Jam Session on Social Media

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Dig deeper into the MIT study on music and brain development HERE.

Music Education, STEAM Learning, Nerd, Nerding, Learning an Instrument

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