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How 3M Uses Childlike Wonder and Curiosity To Drive Sustainability

Nerd Profile: 3M Sustainability Director Maureen Tholen


“I think I love engineering because it’s inherently problem solving.”


When 3M tells you – an upstart STEM blogger – that they “love what you are doing to help inspire a future generation of Nerds like us,” you are not only flattered, but you also feel compelled to find out… why, exactly?

Last fall, the innovative giant formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company reached out to Raising Nerd to raise awareness for its long-standing commitment to building a culture of sustainability, wonder, and purpose-driven business. As part of … READ MORE

Nerding Nerds In Real Life

“Dad, I Just Had The Greatest Idea …”

No joke, but I probably hear this statement at least 3-5 times per day. The Nerd comes running in from the other room as if his pants are on fire claiming:

“Dad, I just had the greatest idea.”

This typically happens right when I’m knee-deep into something truly important like checking my Facebook status or trying to figure out how this Twitter thing works.

At this point, I have a few choices on how best to react to this potentially world-changing moment:
“That’s great son, but I just got a like for my sleepy puppy video and it’s about to … READ MORE