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Amaze and Inspire Your Nerds with Halloween Science

Halloween is the Perfect Time For Creepy Science Fun

Science is fun. Halloween is fun. Halloween science is Nerd-tastic fun!

Science is the pursuit of the unknown. Measuring, classifying, and otherwise quantifying the nature of our world. Proving or disproving hypotheses. Understanding states of existence. Cause and effect.

It’s a battle of fact vs. fiction. And because of that, science can stir a fear of the unknown. Fear of things both beyond and sometimes frighteningly within our control.

Science is challenging. Creative. Daunting. Relentless.

Science is often an awe-inspiring spectacle. The mystery of science ignites a Nerd’s curiosity. And that … READ MORE


Get Your Kids Hooked on STEM this Halloween with Magical Movie FX

Get Your Kids Hooked on STEM this Halloween with Magical Movie FXRocketteGirl giggled as she watched the gigantic blue and yellow egg hatch. The glowing blue larva emerged, coaxed by two miniature, telepathic fairies in distress and surrounded by the hundreds of worshipping natives on Infant Island.

My almost-9-year-old’s eyes widened.

The kaiju sci-fi classic Mothra flickering on the big screen was about to get interesting.

Is this real?” she asked, giggling some more.

Moments later, like a bloated torpedo, the animatronic caterpillar was speeding its way across the South Pacific towards mainland Japan to save the captured fairies. I was in hysterics, and it was nice to see that READ MORE