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Unleashing the Power of Play & Curiosity

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After nearly six years of silence, a beacon in the realm of playful learning and curiosity-driven exploration flickers to life once more. Today marks not just the relaunch but the grand reawakening of Raising Nerd—a sanctuary for the inquisitively spirited, a forge for tomorrow’s innovators, and a testament to the timeless bond between play and discovery.

Forget Coding: MIT Study Reveals the Real Brain Booster for Kids!”

Why Music Education Might Be the Best Brain Hack for Kids (and Adults!). In the maze of modern education, where coding and tech skills dominate the conversation, an intriguing twist from MIT might just tune your perspective: music education could be your child’s secret ticket to a brainpower boost! Yes, forget those beeps and boops of coding; let’s strike a chord with some good old-fashioned music making. Who knew that jamming on a keyboard could turbocharge your kid’s brain better than any coding class? Inspired by giants like Mozart—and backed by cutting-edge MIT research—music education is not just about hitting notes. It’s about hitting higher cognitive skills, emotional depth, and maybe even genius-level creativity. This is an overview of Music Education for Nerds.

The Best STEAM Kits to Spark Creativity and Learning

At Raising Nerd, we believe that everyone has an inner inventor just waiting to break out. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe to bring you the best engineering kits that promise to spark both creativity and a love for learning. Whether you’re shopping for a budding young scientist or a seasoned tinkerer, our guide has something to get everyone’s gears turning!

Why This One Trait is Your Kid’s Secret to Success!

Today, we’re diving into a trait that’s not just beneficial but essential for nurturing the next generation of brilliant thinkers and innovators. Yes, we’re talking about curiosity—that magical spark that propels young minds from “Oops!” to “Aha!”

Unlocking the Cosmos with Backyard Astronomy

Backyard astronomy is more than just spotting twinkling stars; it’s a gateway to understanding the universe and our place in it. It encourages critical thinking, sparks imagination, and brings science to life in the most spectacular way—through the observable universe! Grab a blanket, some hot cocoa, and step into your backyard. Point out constellations like the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt.

10 Outdoor STEAM Activities For An Epic Summer

Outdoor STEAM Activities, STEM Learning

Get ready to transform your garden, park, or any slice of the great outdoors into a sprawling laboratory for little learners. So, grab your curiosity caps, and let’s embark on an adventure where “Oops!” moments spark the brightest “Aha!” revelations. At Raising Nerd, we believe in the power of play and the importance of embracing the messy, chaotic journey of discovery. These outdoor STEAM activities are just the beginning.

Nerding: A Beginner’s Guide

In just a few short weeks, there’s been a great response to the launch of Raising Nerd, with lots of “interesting” feedback. One consistent response to our articles has been, “Yeah, that’s great, Clueless Dad, but your kid is already a Nerd (proud dad moment). How do we get our kids started on the path to Nerding?” Here are five easy – and cheap – ways to get your Nerd-to-be started on his or her own way:

Welcome to Nerd: Confessions of a Clueless Dad

My son is a Nerd. Full on science, technology and engineering Nerd. And I couldn’t be prouder.

But I am a Clueless Dad. A liberal arts majoring, marketing and communications professional that hasn’t the foggiest idea of how a rocket ship takes off. (I still believe that it has something to do with a NASA engineer lighting a fuse at the bottom of a rocket like in the Marvin the Martian cartoons). And though I love my son’s enthusiasm and passion for all things Nerdy, I can honestly say that I rarely understand what the heck he’s talking about most of the time.

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