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About Raising Nerd

Welcome back to Raising Nerd, where curiosity meets creativity in the sandbox of STEM! After a six-year siesta, we’re rebooting with more sparks, more laughs, and even bigger explosions (figuratively speaking…mostly). 

Here at Raising Nerd, we're just regular parents like you.

We’ve witnessed the flicker of curiosity in our kids’ eyes as they ponder over puzzles and tinker with toys. Inspired by their endless “whys” and “hows,” we decided to transform our trials, tribulations, and triumphs into a vibrant community where everyone can share in the joy and chaos of STEM discovery. 

STEM isn’t just a curriculum; it’s the coolest club on the block. It’s where play is serious business, and the kitchen doubles as a science lab (yes, the results are often as messy as they sound). We believe every “Oops!” is an opportunity for an “Aha!”—from DIY volcanoes that could rival Mount Vesuvius to robotics that might, occasionally, go rogue. 

We’re not just for the prodigies or the PhDs. Raising Nerd is for every kid who dismantles toys to see what’s inside, every parent who’s secretly googled “Why is the sky blue?” at the dinner table, and educators looking for that spark to light up the classroom. We celebrate the curious, champion the questioners, and have a soft spot for those who aren’t afraid to fail fabulously. 

Join the Conversation! This isn’t just our journey—it’s yours too. Dive into the discussions, share your stories and photos, give us your feedback, and let us know what you want to see more (or less) of. This is a community for all those raising their own little nerds. Together, let’s create a space where every question, big or small, is celebrated. 

So, grab your goggles and join the Nerd Herd, as we dive headfirst into the endless playground of STEM. Sign up, follow along, and nerd out with us as we explore the wild, wonderful world of science, technology, engineering, and math. Because at Raising Nerd, we’re not just playing around—we’re building the innovators of tomorrow, one epic fail at a time. 

Nerd on! 

The Team

Lee Allentuck

Meet Lee Allentuck, aka Clueless Dad – Founder of Raising Nerd 

Hey there, I’m Lee Allentuck, the Clueless Dad behind Raising Nerd, and your fellow traveler on the chaotic, exhilarating journey of raising curious kids. With 20 years of pioneering experience in the toy and game industry, I’ve helped giants like LEGO, Hasbro, and Melissa & Doug turn wild ideas into playroom staples. My knack for spotting market trends and crafting compelling brands has made me a go-to strategist, recognized among the MojoNation 100 Most Influential Figures in Toy & Game Design. 

At home, I’m just a dad trying to keep up with my two amazing nerds. One has a mind wired for engineering and math puzzles, while the other explores the world through writing and arts. Their endless questions and creative experiments are what inspired me to start Raising Nerd. It’s a place for parents like us – those who might not have all the answers but are passionate about nurturing our kids’ boundless curiosity. 

Professionally, I’m the founder of The Plan A Group, where I blend my love for creativity and education with a vast network to fuel innovations in the toy and game industry. As a coach for FIRST robotics and through Raising Nerd, I advocate for STEM education, aiming to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators. 

Join me at Raising Nerd, where we believe in learning through play, celebrating every “Oops!” moment, and turning them into “Aha!” experiences. Because here, being a nerd is all about exploring the world with wonder – and sometimes, making a little mess along the way. 

Let’s nerd on together and raise the innovators of tomorrow! 


Roland Cinco

Meet Roland, aka the New Dad

As a father to a vibrant and energetic one-year-old son, whom I affectionately describe as a super saiyan with limitless energy, I find immense joy in the daily adventures of fatherhood. This journey has been transformative, deepening my understanding of the responsibilities and joys that come with being a dad. My son’s boundless enthusiasm is a constant reminder of the beauty and excitement of raising a child.

Cofounding two successful marketing agencies, Digirockstars and WOMO, has provided me with valuable professional experience that I bring to my role as a father. My background in marketing helps me navigate the complexities of modern parenting, from managing time effectively to fostering creativity and resilience in my son. Balancing the demands of running two businesses with the responsibilities of fatherhood is no small feat, but I strive to create meaningful and memorable experiences that will shape my son’s future, driven by my commitment and love for my family.

I am passionate about empowering other fathers to embrace their roles with confidence and enthusiasm. Through my involvement in various dad-centric initiatives and platforms, I aim to share my experiences, challenges, and triumphs. I believe that every dad has the potential to make a profound impact on their child’s life, and I am dedicated to helping them realize that potential. My journey as a father and entrepreneur is a testament to the power of dedication, love, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, serving as a beacon of inspiration for dads everywhere.