The Nerd Crew

Lee Allentuck, The Clueless Dad (@RaisingNerd)

Hi, I’m the Clueless Dad, father of NerdBoy and GirlTastic. Much of what I do is focused on providing these two very curious kids the outlet of chasing their own passions. Raising Nerd is my tribute to them and their love for all things science and creative. Though I love this science stuff (especially robotics and space) and crave to be a part of the creative process, I’ve fumbled and bumbled my around it just as much as anybody else out there – hence the Clueless Dad moniker. I’m no engineer, scientist or designer, but I’ve still found a way to inspire my own kids as well as others to pursue their own passions around these wondrous subjects. I hope you’ll join us in helping to Raise Nerds all around the world. Our future just might depend on it! Nerd out!


Scott Beller, Head Writer, Editor & “Imperfect Dad” (@SEBeller)

Hello, fellow Nerd parents. I’m Raising Nerd’s Head Writer and “Imperfect Dad.” I fled the public relations agency world and a daily Washington, DC, commute in 2003 to start a creative consultancy, Exact Wordsmith, and I’ve never looked back.

As a consultant, my storytelling talents have been called upon by some of the most recognized technology and consumer brands and I’ve even helped launch two parenting advocacy nonprofits. My first book, Beggars or Angels (Oaklight, August 2013), was a ghostwritten memoir for Devotion to Children founder Rosemary Tran Lauer. My second book will be my own. I hope to get that started… soon-ish.

With more than 25 years experience as a writer and communications consultant, I now apply my “vast” knowledge of strategic messaging, storytelling, tech, and crisis management as a work-at-home dad helping wrangle and inspire two brilliant, adorable, and exhausting Nerd daughters, RocketteGirl and Lightning McQueen.

Raising Nerd is the perfect storm allowing me to pursue all my passions at once: being a dad, writer, teacher, and creative Nerd. I’m an (often flailing) Odyssey of the Mind and girls soccer coach as well as an MST3K, NASA, and horror junkie. When not writing, reading, binging Netflix, or taking pictures of my Nerdlings, you’ll find me surfing YouTube for cool How It’s Made, Tested and Physics Girl videos.


Sheila Judkins, “Rogue Mom”

Hi, I’m Rogue Mom, mommy of GadgetGirl and WildStyle the youngest of the Raising Nerd crew. My house is covered in glitter, glue and I’m sure to have stocked that obscure bottle of something like glycerin because we love to experiment and create in my house. I’ve spent the majority of my career working on developmental brands like Playskool and Play-Doh and have always been a big messy supporter of creating and experimenting with my girls and their friends at home. Many call me an optimist but it’s through this process of experimenting, falling on my face and picking myself up again that I have become a confidant problem solver.

I want nothing more than for my kids to learn to do the same and fall in love with the process of learning, discovering and exploring. My guide in life is that “we all start somewhere.” I truly believe that whether we are just beginning to learn something new, dealing with unraveling a massive problem, or skill mastery, we all start somewhere and so here is where I begin with my writing. Please xcuse my typos and grammar mistakes, as I know each mistake is an opportunity to learn. Join me in breaking rules as we create something worth talking about.