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Career Advice From The One & Only Physics Girl, Dianna Cowern

Physics Girl


“There will be huge advances in medical devices, technology for social change, and software aimed specifically at solving women’s issues. And women will lead these advances!”


Dianna Cowern
Science Superstar

Dianna Cowern is the creator of Physics Girl, a resource for fun physics videos and other science materials. Physics Girl started as Cowern’s post-college personal project, and has grown into a resource for teachers, a source of entertainment for physics nerds, and a way to share a passion for physics while advocating for women in STEM.


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Raising Nerd’s Best YouTube Channels for Nerding

Turn off Disney and Nickelodeon. They’re rotting your Nerds’ brain!

Instead, click on YouTube and catch something that will help grow that massive Nerd brain. YouTube is no longer just a dumping ground for moronic talking fruit (although who doesn’t like a good cumquat once in a while?).

There is a treasure-trove of brilliant and entertaining content that will teach and inspire your Nerd in all areas of science, technology, art and engineering. Who knew the Internet had all of this stuff!

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