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Meet LEGO Boost: The New Robot on the Block

LEGO Boost Review

LEGO Boost Review:
Making STEM Learning Fun and Nerdy

4.9 Reviewer
If you’re looking for a terrific way to get kids excited about engineering, coding and science, LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox is the perfect entry point.

Looking for a fast, easy and fun way to get into robotics? Meet LEGO Boost, the new LEGO robotics system that allows you to build and code as easy as snapping a few bricks together. With the LEGO system of play and the new Bluetooth-enabled LEGO Move Hub, you can build endless combinations of interactive models.

For years, LEGO Mindstorm has been considered the pinnacle of robotic engineering toys, but many found the system complex and challenging for younger, less experienced LEGO fans. LEGO Boost bridges the skill level for aspiring engineers, bringing a fun and playful approach to STEM learning.

If you’re looking for a terrific way to get kids excited about engineering, coding and science, LEGO Boost is the perfect entry point.



LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building Kit (847 Piece)

LEGO Boost Review

Main Features:

  • Includes over 847 LEGO pieces including the Bluetooth-enabled LEGO Move Hub, an interactive motor and color and distance sensors
  • A great starter robotics system that will teach basic coding, develop creativity and STEM skills in a playful and fun way
  • With the use of the free LEGO Boost app, you can build and code five unique, interactive starter models but when you add your imagination, there are endless possibilities
  • Designed for ages 7 and up
  • Price $159.95

Why it’s Nerdy:

  • Simple Coding, Challenging Fun: LEGO Boost is a great STEM toy that will keep your little NERD building, coding and laughing.
  • 5-In-1 Model: The LEGO Boost APP provides quick-start building instructions for five fun builds. Your Nerds will be coding in no time!
  • Creative Play: It’s incredibly playful and fun. Vernie the Robot is hilarious with fart noises, jokes and sound effects. You are bound to laugh.
  • Endless Fun: Because it uses real LEGO bricks, LEGO Boost provides endless possibilities for building.


Why It’s Not:

  • LEGO Boost is an energy hog! It sucks battery power. Think about using rechargeable batteries.
  • It’s taken LEGO Mindstorm years to get an ecosystem of coding lessons, building instructions and support. LEGO Boost is a great system but it will take time to get third party support.
  • Building instructions are only available on the APP which can be played on IOS and limited Android tablets only.


What other Nerds are Saying (Other customer Reviews):

Amazon Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Stars)

  • “All my kids’ ages 6,10,12 love Lego Boost! We’ve had it one day and it has been one of our best toys ever. We love Legos and the addition of coding and interaction challenges them and boosts their creativity!
  • “My 8 yr old cant stop building..
  • “This *is* the robot you’ve been looking for”


LEGO Boost Review



Full Disclosure: The author is an employee of LEGO Systems, Inc, however, the views expresssed in this review post belong  solely to him. 



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    Actually, if you need printable building instructions in PDF, check this out!

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