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Amaze and Inspire Your Nerds with Halloween Science

Halloween is the Perfect Time For Creepy Science Fun

Science is fun. Halloween is fun. Halloween science is Nerd-tastic fun!

Science is the pursuit of the unknown. Measuring, classifying, and otherwise quantifying the nature of our world. Proving or disproving hypotheses. Understanding states of existence. Cause and effect.

It’s a battle of fact vs. fiction. And because of that, science can stir a fear of the unknown. Fear of things both beyond and sometimes frighteningly within our control.

Science is challenging. Creative. Daunting. Relentless.

Science is often an awe-inspiring spectacle. The mystery of science ignites a Nerd’s curiosity. And that curiosity, that always simmering need to know, glows within them bright as an autumn jack-o-lantern.

Halloween season is full of opportunities to satisfy your Nerd’s cravings for science, creativity, and discovery. Here are some of our favorite videos to help you feed their braaaaaaaaaains!


Raising Nerd’s favorite Halloween Science projects

Halloween Science

Steve Spangler shows our NerdBot little mercy in the name of science.

  1. Steve Spangler wows the audience with Halloween science
  2. How to make and oozing pumpkin and a Nerdy favorite: green slime!
  3. Give your pumpkin brain power
  4. Glow stick science, make your own, and create an other-worldly masterpiece
  5. Meet Arnold and see how he fares against lightning on a dark and stormy night
  6. Little Shop of Horrors – can a Venus fly trap digest a human?
  7. Make a batch of ghostly bubbles
  8. How-to make creature masks, special effects makeup, and creepy skull prop
  9. Make your own milk jug, or paper mache skulls
  10. Build your own Halloween robotic/animatronic decorations
  11. Batty facts and the largest bat colony on Earth!
  12. Zombie science – What if you ate human brains?
  13. Find out why things are creepy, explore the chemistry of fear, and answer the question: Could you actually be scared to death?
  14. Learn the real Halloween science behind Mary Shelly’s Dr. Frankenstein
  15. If you really had to, how might you transplant a human head?! (asking for a Nerd friend)

But WAIT – there’s more Halloween Science!


Nerd Bonus: Raising Nerd Halloween Articles

Halloween Science



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